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Holland, Berlin, Riga… DONOSTIA!

Holland, Berlin, Riga… DONOSTIA!

With Hip-hip Urri! Donostia joins the European cities that are already celebrating this event. And every day we are more!!

A full calendar of activities

A full calendar of activities

The activity exchanges with Europe are in addition to Donostia’s extraordinary cultural and leisure offer. A schedule that goes beyond the month of October.


October Children in Europe

T./F.; (0034) 943 310461
Txalupagillene 2, bajo
20009 Donostia - San Sebastián

  • Donostia 2016


Goierri Councils

  • Altzagako Udala
  • Aramako Udala
  • Beasaingo Udala
  • Gabiriako Udala
  • Idiazabalgo Udala
  • Itsasondoko Udala
  • Lazkaoko Udala
  • Legorretako Udala
  • Mutiloako Udala
  • Olaberriako Udala
  • Ordiziako Udala
  • Ormaiztegiko Udala
  • Segurako Udala
  • Zaldibiako Udala
  • Zegamako Udala
  • Zeraingo Udala