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2014 Hip-hip Urri!


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Within the program October children`s Month, a group of young donostiarras has thought about the question: "Why do almost all girls and boys when they start out in gang don´t make any plan  for art and culture? The exposition that will be show in the culture House Of Casares-Tomasene, shows the work in process were they have participate the teenagers from the Institute of Alza:": reflections and proposals which emerged from the above question, the witness video work process and results collaboration with artist Arantxa Orbegozo who participated in the experience. All this will be shared with the participating European cities in October Childre's Month.


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 HAURRAK ETA KULTURA, culture and children, is a European project born in Hip-hip-Urri! from two converging impulses: first, the children and families the real stars of Hip-HIp Urri !, and secondly, the support given from the outset by the Department of Education of the City of San Sebastian, and his interest and effort to encourage participation and to hear the voice of the citizen.

To start HIp Hip-Urri! the Mayor of San Sebastian San Juan Karlos Izaguirre and Naiara Sampedro, Councilor for Education, meet with a group of children and distributed the first brochures. These children have previously participated in a process of reflection in their classrooms addressing issues of culture, leisure and cultural habits of family entertainment. In this meeting they present  to the  Mayor and the Councilor for Education the conclusions and suggestions for improvement. These contributions are very useful also for the cultural centers that offer activities for families, give clues as to design schedules.

Last year were 60 children from the 6th grade of primary of Jakintza ikastola participating in the program . This year has been 200's  participants from the Public School Amara Berri and Ekintza ikastola. For the first year, there has been a Skype meeting with children of Holland and Berlin to share their October Children`s Month. The 26th of September after meeting at City Hall to present their findings with the Mayor of San Sebastian Juan Karlos Izaguirre and  the Councilor for Education Naiara Sampedro, got inaugurated the Hip-Hip Urri! 2014

Also mention that the project Urri Hip-Hip! HAURRAK ETA KULTURA  has been selected to be presented at the International Meeting Of Educating Cities 2014, to be held next November in Barcelona.

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