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A month to share culture with children and teenagers, as a family.

Hip-hip URRI! (Hip Hip Hurray!) is an initiative that arose in Donostia based on the European project October Children which is already being held in other cities.

It focuses on leisure and cultural consumption for children between 6 and 14 years of age and their families, and will be held at weekends in October.
It promotes artistic and professional cooperation between cultural organisations, institutions and people, through the recognition and coordination of Donostia’s wide cultural offer; among other aspects, during the month of October, and by the hand of Hip-hip URRI!, that offer will be free for children. Hip-hip URRI! is open to the participation of all cultural spaces interested: museums, art galleries, libraries, theatre groups, cultural heritage spaces, interpretation centres... Through these activities the aim is to promote habits of cultural consumption among children and their families.

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Collaboration and cultural exchange with other European cities is the other mainstay on which Hip-hip URRI! is based. Not for nothing, Hip-hip URRI! was selected by the European Commission out of more than 450 proposals and reached the top 5.
Without a doubt, Hip-hip URRI!-October Children will represent for Donostia not only a well-deserved recognition of its clear cultural commitment (at local level as well as across Europe), but also a stimulus for LEISURE consumption AS A FAMILY, an attitude that encourages lifelong learning, which is so necessary for the advancement of society, prosperity and social welfare.

Why in Donostia?

  • Due to the great potential of its cultural resources.
  • Because it has the necessary talent and personality to add value to an event of European projection.
  • Due to the extensive cultural offer it already has and the 4 pilot projects it will contribute to the event.

As a result of all of this, our October Children has its own name: Hip-hip URRI!

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What is it for?

2013 is the first step of a long journey on which, through:

  • Artistic and professional cooperation
  • Logistic cooperation between the participating countries
  • and Financial cooperation

Donostia becomes part of a European network of cultural experiences that will allow us to:

  • Encourage creation, imagination, tolerance
  • Boost cultural organisations to invest in the quality of the activities they offer
  • Stimulate cultural consumption as a family

We’ve got it all!

San Telmo Museum. Aquarium, Tabakalera, Naval Museum, Eureka!, Donostia 2016, Koldo Mitxelena, Basque National Orchestra, Orfeón Donostiarra, Musikene, Music bands, Cultural Centres, Theatre, Art galleries, Festivals, Kursaal, Miramar Palace, Boulevard, La Constitución Square, Parks, Beaches...… and much more!
Hip-hip URRI! will be a live and versatile showcase, particularly suitable for encouraging cultural consumption as a family, rediscovering the potential of our resources, and projecting it to Europe.



October Children in Europe

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