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October Children was created in Drenthe (Holland) in 2001, and since then the growth of this event has been constant, as regards citizen participation (last year 100 organisations and 15,000 families participated in Holland), as well as countries that join the project. As an evaluation of these years, in Holland the figures confirm that cultural consumption has increased by 70%.

Berlin 1

Grown, grow and grow!

  • In 2012 Berlin joined
  • In 2013 Riga (European Capital of Culture 2014) and DONOSTIA

In 2020, it is expected that a further 15 cities will join, making the month of October the International Month of Children and Culture.

Schedule in other European Cities

October Children develops many different activities in the other European cities that take part in the event.

  • Netherlands

    KIK Experience (Artists Exchange): Artists from Holland, Germany, Latvia and Spain share a single space (an old dairy in Kolderveen) to create their own work and share the process with children. Other projects: Culture as a family (cultural consumption strategies), European Identity (multimedia project), Motivating Parents.
    Theatre group exchange.

  • Berlin (Germany)

    Werkstdat Berlin: European exhibition exchange. “Cultural exchange”, as the subject of conferences and workshops developed by art students.
    Cultural workshops and exhibitions for artists and children will take place in Germany and will be shared in Holland, San Sebastián and Latvia.
    European exchange of theatre groups for children.

    Other projects: Network of European artists on education and art, conference of experts in digital exchange platforms.

  • Riga (Latvia. European Capital of Culture 2014)

    It celebrates the reopening of Riga Central Library with the project Books as a family: Workshops with children and artists from the 4 countries.
    European exchange of theatre groups for children.
    Potato Opera.

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Berlin 3

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October Children in Europe

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Txalupagillene 2, bajo
20009 Donostia - San Sebastián

  • Donostia 2016


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