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Hip-hip URRI! 2013

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Hip Hip Urri resumen aňo 2013 from Ikertze on Vimeo.

In Donostia:

  • September
    • For the opening of the program, the Mayor and the Town Councilor for Education, received a representation of the boys and girls of primary Jakintza Ikastola. Prior to this meeting, the boys and girls participated in a process of reflection and dialog about culture and free time, and they had proposed improvements and conclusions arising from the debate. The Mayor and the Councilor handed out the brochure of Hip Hip Urri to the participating children


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  • October 2013
    • A plan of free activities where children can enjoy the city’s cultural resources  at weekends.


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Tamayo- Chillida Leku 




  Sala  Kubo 

  STM dia 5

STM dia 12


Untzi Museoa

Casa Aramendia  


Ikertze, taller de casas

Cristina enea- Ulia


Koldo Mitxelena

Museo Cemento Rezola


    San Telmo Museoa

Ikertze, árboles


Eureka- Museo de la Ciencia

Aquarium 3


In Holland:

  • KIK Experience: An artist from Donostia, Izibene Oñederra, travels to Holland. During the month of October 2013, artists from Holland, Germany, Latvia and San Sebastián are called to create a common artistic project in Drenthe, Holland. A project for which the creative process can be witnessed by children and their parents. Our artist will live and work alongside other selected artists in a space specially designed for artistic creation (and old dairy products factory). The result of this artistic experience will be offered as a workshop for families at the Dutch October Children 2013 and at Hip-hip Urri! in Donostia 2014. Each artist will work from their own artistic experience and the process, which will be filmed for online broadcast.
  • A Basque theatre group, Marie de Jhong will travel to Holland to perform their play "Querida Hija" (Dear Daughter) and will offer workshops for families.

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  • November 2013     
    • In the frame of the Dutch "Motivating parents" proposition, Donostia will take part in a round table discussions of expert educators and pedagogical curators, with Eulalia Bosch as an expert.                       
    • The installation created by the group of European artists in the KIK space, with the participation of the San Sebastian artist Izibene Oñederra, together with the German Joung-Hee Lee, the Dutch Robert  Roelink and the artist from Riga, Anastasia Mass, will come to Donostia the 30 November and 1 Dicember and  the participating artists in the experience will offer two workshops entitled " Invisible lands"for San Sebastian families.




  • December 2013
    • Within the German proposal:
      Meeting and conference of experts in digital exchange platforms to broaden knowledge and possibilities that the new technologies offer us in the field of cultural leisure.
      Local artists will participate in the "European Educational Network" to exchange ideas, proposals, concepts and knowledge in the field of artistic education of children.


And we are already preparing the 2014 edition!

  • February 14: Culture with friends.13 and 14 years old young people’s space for opinion around the lack of cultural habits in this age group. What do teenagers think and what do they suggest about their leisure, about culture, about the cultural offer?
  • October 14:
    • Film Workshop
    • Showing of the Latvian “Potato Opera”
    • Dutch theatre group. Performance and workshops for families and professionals.
    • Space in a museum or art centre to participate in a European multimedia programme "European Citizens" and discovering the feeling of being European through generations from the four participating countries. Children ask their grandparents and their parents. Local artists get involved in the programme and the programme will be disseminated around schools and art centres interested.
    • Exhibition space for the works made by children in Berlin.



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